Beijing Water


We wish to give special thanks to Patricia Adams for her rigorous editorial assistance, and her unflagging enthusiasm for the book.

Special thanks also to Lawrence Solomon, for his patience and guidance throughout preparation of the book, for his expert help with writing and editing, and for his humour when driving a point home.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the following people who so generously volunteered their time to help: Norman Houghton, Marcia Ryan, Erica Simmons, and John Thibodeau for editing and proofreading the numerous drafts of each chapter; Dave Hubbel for compiling and proofing all the references; Peter Somers, for his help with the terminology.

For their professional assistance and encouragement, we are grateful to Baruch Boxer, David Dawdy, Chris Elliott, Peter Goodwin, David Melville, Wu Mei, and Zhou Peiyuan.

For their legal advice on the professional responsibilities of Canadian engineers who work on international projects, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to Carolina Gallo, Rick Glofcheski, Harald Mattson, Mark Mattson, and Paul Seitz. Above all we would like to thank the contributors to this book for their time, expertise, and dedication.

And finally, Probe International would like to thank its 20,000 individual supporters, the Beldon Fund, and the Margaret Laurence Fund for their generous support, which made the publication of this book possible.

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