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Beijing promises stable power, water supply for Olympics

August 4, 2008
Beijing’s power and water supply capacity will adequately meet the demand during the upcoming Olympics, an official said in Beijing Monday.

“We are able to ensure safe and stable supply of energy and water during the Olympics,” Liu Zhi, spokesman for the Beijing Olympics, addressed a press conference in the 2008 Beijing International Media Center.

Beijing’s transformer substations report a joint capacity of 50.12 million kva and is fully capable of dealing with the estimated maximum electricity consumption of 14.6 million kw in summer, according to Liu.

It is estimated that the Games will consume 340,000 cubic meters of water every day in addition to the 2.4 million cubic meters of the city’s regular daily consumption.

He said Beijing’s tap water plants provides 2.95 million cubic meters of water each day, which is enough for the total water demand during the sports event.

In addition, coal, oil and gas stocks are also abundant. “We have worked out schemes to cope with possible power supply emergencies and have conducted drills,” said Liu.

Beijing registered a peak electricity consumption of 12.48 million kw on July 25 at noon as residents cranked up their air conditioners in the sweltering heat.

Air-con use was the main cause of rising consumption when the city experienced  sauna-like weather conditions late last month.

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