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Scholars chart new legal course

January 16, 2008

The principles of the odious debt doctrine exploded into the modern debt debate following the U.S. led invasion of Iraq, capturing the attention of legal scholars and exciting new thought on the history, the foundation, and the future application of the doctrine. Papers were called and the journal Law & Contemporary Problems, in conjunction with the Center for International and Comparative Law, the Global Capital Markets Center and Duke Law School, hosted the first ever conference of its kind – the Odious Debts and State Corruption conference in January 2007. The conference pioneered new legal territory by bringing together top scholars to engage a critical, interdisciplinary discussion of odious debt.

Now Law and Contemporary Problems, Duke Law School’s oldest journal, is dedicating two issues to the ideas presented at that conference that have broadened the legal discourse about odious debts.

The first issue to present the modern day development of the near century-old legal concept of odious debt is now available online here:
A second issue based on the same conference is expected to be published online in mid-February. Stay tuned.

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