China's Dams

Nu River: environmentalists may not sue SEPA

South China Morning Post
July 3, 2006

Greens may cancel plan to sue dams watchdog.

Environmental activists are expected to cancel a plan to sue the country’s top environmental watchdog over the controversial damming of the Nu River in Yunnan, a Beijing-based lawyer said. Chen Yueqin said the activists decided to reconcile with the State Environmental Protection Administration after they received “a positive response” over their requests. In a letter dated June 18, the activists threatened that they would take Sepa to court if it did not halt all preparation for the Nu River project, which originally included 13 dams along the river, by the end of June. Sepa deputy director Zhu Guangyao said the impact assessment was still being reviewed and large-scale changes would be made to the original proposal. According to Ms Chen, the reconciliation agreement between the activists and Sepa is expected to be reached this week.

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