Dai Qing and Three Gorges

Probe International’s Dai Qing weighs in on Three Gorges dam resettlement chaos

(March 13, 2006) Corruption impacts China’s Three Gorges resettlement Probe International fellow Dai Qing says it is never too late to stop construction of the Three Gorges dam.

Yet dam construction is proceeding on schedule as Three Gorges migrants, without money or jobs, continue to resist resettlement. Many Chinese farmers oppose Three Gorges resettlement Of all the problems facing the Three Gorges dam project, none has been more difficult than resettlement, reports VOA News. Quoting Probe International fellow Dai Qing, the U.S.-based international news service estimates that “each person to be resettled should be entitled to about $4,800 from the government.” In reality, that amount is closer to $1,000. “And that money is still being skimmed off at every level by corrupt officials,” Dai Qing says.

VOA News, March 13, 2006

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