Acres Incorporated now Hatch Acres

CNW Telbec
July 29, 2005

Mississauga: As of August 1, 2005 energy consulting firm Acres Incorporated and most of its operating subsidiaries will be known as Hatch Acres.

The new name reflects the fact that Acres is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hatch, and has access to Hatch’s management systems, engineering services, technologies and consulting services. Acres became a member of the Hatch Group in June 2004.

In Canada and the US, the company will market its services and execute new projects under the name Hatch Acres. Wholly owned subsidiaries Acres Manitoba and SGE Acres will continue to serve the Manitoba and Atlantic Canada markets respectively. Overseas markets will continue to be served by Acres International Limited. Acres was established in 1924 and has a worldwide reputation for excellence in energy consulting.

Hatch Acres will continue to offer services, technologies and consulting to the following sectors: hydroelectric power generation; energy planning; oil & gas (through Hatch Acres subsidiary Hatch Optima); wind-power generation; thermal and nuclear power generation; power transmission and distribution; water resources planning and management; and other alternative energy systems.

Hatch Acres services include feasibility studies, energy consulting, engineering design, process-control design, project management, procurement, construction management, and business and technology consulting. Hatch Acres ( will have more than 900 employees, with principal offices in Calgary, Niagara Falls and Oakville.

Hatch ( is a 50-year-old global company with more than 6,000 employees in 80 offices on six continents.

For further information: contact: Mary Catalano, Manager, Marketing and Communications, (905) 469-3400 and Tom Reid, Director, Marketing and Communications (905) 403-3733

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