Iraq's Odious Debts

OIC backs Iraq’s new government

BBC News Monitoring
June 17, 2004

Member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) welcomed establishment of an Interim Government in Iraq.

The joint communique issued after the 31st session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers in Istanbul strongly condemned the inhuman practices committed against the Iraqi prisoners and detainees in Abu Ghurayb prison and demanded that those responsible be put on trial.

The statement supported the appointment of the president and prime minister of the Republic of Iraq and the establishment of an Interim Government as a beginning for sustained and urgent action to end occupation and to establish a fully sovereign, free and democratic Iraq and to define its political future and national options without any interference whatsoever.

The communique demanded occupation forces in Iraq to comply with International Humanitarian Law particularly the 1949 Geneva Convention and stressed the need for the occupation forces to respect the civil and religious liberties of the Iraqi people and preserve their cultural, religious and historical heritage.

It condemned the terrorist acts perpetrated against the Iraqi people, their places of worship, religious sites, police stations and official institutions, including the health, public utility institutions, diplomatic institutions and diplomats, diplomatic personnel and premises, and stressed the responsibility of the occupation forces for protecting the civil and religious rights of the Iraqi people and preserving state institutions.

The statement strongly condemned the kidnapping and assassination acts committed against Iraqis and others, especially those committed against religious leaders, university professors, doctors and intellectuals.

The communique reaffirmed its condemnation of the collective assassinations, revealed by the discovery of mass graves, committed by the previous regime in Iraq, against innocents Iraqi, Kuwaiti and other peoples as a crime against humanity, and requests that those responsible for such crimes to be put on trial.

The joint communique appealed to member states and the international community not to grant safe havens to former officials of the defunct regime and those accused of crimes against the Iraqi and other peoples in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 1483.

It welcomed the announcement made by the Interim Government to establish good relations between Iraq and neighbouring states based on mutual respect and the principle of non interference in their internal affairs, as well as to abide by the existing treaties and agreements, particularly those relevant to internationally recognized borders and invites Iraq and neighbouring countries to actively cooperate to promote peace and stability in the region, in line with the statements issued in the meetings of the neighbouring countries of Iraq.

OIC countries appealed all states to contribute to the alleviation of the financial burden on Iraq by writing off Iraqi debts as an expression of their support and as a contribution to the reconstruction of the country.

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