Chinese official reports Three Gorges project free of corruption since launch

November 5, 2002

Special anti-corruption measures have ensured the massive Three Gorges dam project has been free of graft and embezzlement since its launch in 1993, according to a senior project manager. Li Yongan, vice-general manager of the China Yangtze River Three Gorges Project Development Corporation, said Tuesday [5 November] that more than 40bn yuan (4.8bn US dollars) has been spent on the project to date.

The company has the power of asset management, settlement and project assignment, said Li, adding that the first document the company issued involved eight regulations of clean management. The company, which is open to the scrutiny of the government and media, has so far made 12,000 payments for various sub-projects without any irregularities being found. An inspection team from the Ministry of Finance has confirmed the dam’s clean record.

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