Iraq's Odious Debts

Allies in bed with Saddam

Bob Pratt, USA
September 13, 2002

A pretty close summary of what we’ve been hearing form the Washington State Department, retired officials of previous administrations, foreign heads of state, and now the Saudi royal family’s personal clown , Prince Bandar bin Sultan, is, if Saddam’s WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) were such a large menace, wouldn’t they, our supposed allies and regional friends be right there with us? Only fear and greed at the same time has brought about such a response.

The European Union’s spineless response to the possibility of new military action against Iraq, EU leaders are afraid of losing their elite “Axis of Evil” profits and perquisites, where they operate without American economic competition, and it’s not surprising. A Frankfort based investment firm (GmbH ) manager, Holger Friedrich says recently “Nobody in Germany or Continental Europe agrees with Bush,” as his firm purchased Iranian bonds that will finance the radical Islamic theocracy in Iran. British Aberdeen Asset Management Trust has invested in North Korean and Iraqi debt. “It’s toxic stuff,” admits Colm McDonagh, an Aberdeen fund manager, “but when it moves, it really moves.” Meaning “we hate to get involved in a war that might keep us from getting killed when we are making so much money.”

In the late nineties, Total SA, a French oil company with permanent suites at the Al-Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad, struck a two billion natural gas contract with Iran and the then Premier Lionel Jospin applauded this triumph of French enterprise. “American laws apply in the United States,” he mocked. “They do not apply in France.” France has always been the most dishonorable nation in Europe to be called an ally of the US as they purchased satellite time for Saddam to spy on Kuwait before he invaded that country, almost always siding with Russia and China on UN votes and too numerous to state, disgusting gambits. France will always be the most degrading place to be called a country.

If you happen to visit any EU capitals cities you’ll see a place overrun with immigrant from former colonies, large-scale political, economic and spiritual collapse, government beset by interior EU bickering, and precarious leftist political coalitions in favor of little other than restricting U.S. pressure. The faint-hearted offspring of those who tried to pacify Hitler have other fish to fry, they don’t want U.S. intelligence teams roaming indiscriminately through the records of Saddam’s WMD factories and exposing EU’s complicity in building these arsenals.

Kenneth Timmerman’s narrative in “The Death Lobby,” After 1991 Gulf War Saddam triumphed in gaining the help of foreign corporations and governments in building his warehouse of ABCs, atomic, biological and chemical weapons. French engineers built the Iraqi nuclear reactor that Israel bombed in 1981 and to this day the French have not changed, the French hold four billion in unpaid Iraqi debts. German firms provide poison gas and missile technology. A senior research professor noted a decade ago, “All things that showed up in Iraq, chemical, biological, nuclear, had a German element in it. Russia has the largest investments in Iraq and just lately made a large financial treaty.

There can be no doubt that getting rid of Saddam is in our own best interest, and theirs, that Iraq becomes a nuclear-free zone. In such a case, “going it alone” is not isolationistic, but the substance of courage and statesmanship and the price of global guidance, it must be paid.

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