Be open, Bujagali opponents advised

Patrick Luganda
New Vision (Kampala)
July 29, 2002

Opponents of the Bujagali Hydropower project have been advised to stop running overseas in an attempt to block the project.

Dr. Kezimbira Miyingo, the Minister of State for Environment, said some individuals were bent on frustrating the project at the expense of more than 22 million Ugandans. “Why go to Norway or Sweden or the United States misguiding congressmen. Bring up the issues here instead of running abroad ,” said Miyingo. He was speaking at a public debate on the Bujagali project at panos headquarters on Saturday. “Why should you pray for a company like AES to collapse,” asked Miyingo. Miyingo called for all the controversial issues regarding the project to be resolved through dialogue. Mr. Frank Muramuzi of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) said the project was riddled with corruption and bribery scandals which were being investigated within the country and abroad. “The AES financial officer is alleged to have misappropriated about sh1b to bribe Uganda government officials to support the project. Muramuzi, who recently led a team to Norway, Sweden and the United States, distributed a letter signed by seven members of the US congress, seeking to block funds from the World Bank.

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