Chalillo Dam

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May 1, 2002

Fortis Inc. was highlighted as a sinner in a Winners & Sinners poll published by the Toronto Environmental Guide 2002. Sinner: Fortis Inc., a Canadian multinational company. Fortis is planning to build a hydro dam in Belize that the firm’s CEO Stanley Marshall admits will not necessarily lower local electricity rates. Yet, to build this costly dam, the company will flood a beautiful remote valley that is one of the wildest places left in Central America and home to rare species, such as the beautiful endangered scarlet macaw and the jaguar. A study done by the British Natural History Museum concluded that the dam would cause a “significant and irreversible reduction in biodiversity.” To learn more and help save this important valley, go to¬† and select “Fortis – Belize.” The Environmental Guide 2002 is a publication available in three cities across Canada: Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. For more information, e-mail:

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