Chalillo Dam

Environmentalists to confront power company on behalf of bird

CBC Radio

May 16, 2001

CBC Radio picks up on Probe International’s plan to confront Canadian power company Fortis, Inc. over its plan to build a dam in Belize.

Endangered species activists in Belize will speak out on behalf of the Scarlet Macaw at Fortis Incorporated’s annual meeting. The company wants to build a hydro dam. The company owns most of Belize Electric. It says the country needs the dam to produce more electricity. Opponents of the hydro project say the proposed dam will flood the habitat of the large red parrot called the Scarlet Macaw. They plan to hand out leaflets criticizing the dam at Fortis. The company has commissioned an independent wildlife study to see how the dam will effect the birds and other wildlife. Chris Minty of the Natural History Museum based in London, led the study. He says the Scarlet Macaw in Belize are very sensitive to change. “This population in Belize is in a considerably fragile environment, so any change to that will be quite significant to its long term viability,” he said. The head of Fortis has promised the project will not go ahead if it is not environmentally sound and economically viable. Written by CBC News Online staff.

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