China Energy Industry

China’s thirst for energy

Mary-Anne Toy
The Age (Melbourne)
December 6, 2000

 … China’s environmental degradation from its rapid, no-holds barred industrialisation has reached the point where it is now interfering with future growth. Bodies such as the World Bank have estimated that the cost of environmental pollution is equivalent to several percentage points of GDP. Monday’s surprise announcement that Premier Wen Jiabao expects to sign a landmark deal during his visit this week, not only to buy uranium but to give China a direct role in exploring and mining Australia’s uranium reserves, is just the latest example of China’s determination to secure and diversify its energy supplies. Under its 11th five-year plan, formally adopted this month, China is trying to diversify away from the polluting fossil fuels that have powered the development of its $US2.2 trillion ($A3.1 trillion) economy, which this year has overtaken Britain to be the world’s fourth biggest. As part of that plan, China aims to increase its nuclear energy production six-fold by 2020. To achieve this, China will have to launch at least two new generators every year, with a capacity of at least 1 million kilowatts. … Read the full story.

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