China's Dams

500,000 people to be affected by Yunnan hydropower development in the next 15 years

Chuncheng Wanbao
Kunming Evening News
January 25, 2000

(Translation by Kevin Li.) According to the 22nd meeting of the Standing Committee of Yunnan People’s Congress, starting from this year, Yunnan Province will have to move an average of 40,000 people every year to pave the way for hydropower development, which is equivalent to the total figure of dam migrants in the past 50 years. Yang Jun, the director of Yunnan Resettlement and Development Bureau, said in the report session for the resettlement of Yunnan’s Large and Medium Water Resources and Hydropower Development, that in the next 10-15 years, Yunnan will build 33 dams on the mainstream Jinsha, Lancang and Nu River. It is expected that by 2020, Yunnan will have to move over 500,000 people due to the hydropower projects. Since the founding of Yunnan Resettlement and Development Bureau, it organised the resettlement of 1,036 people for the first phase of Xiaowan dam, 8,493 people for the Yunnan side of Baise dam (in the neighbouring Guangxi), and 10,133 people from the Xiluodu, Xiangjiaba, Jinghong, Nuozhadu and Ji’anqiao dams. It ensures the smooth progress for the Large and Medium hydropower construction. To tackle the originally low-level compensation and desparate condition in agricultural production for the Manwan dam migrants, Yunnan government raised 78 million yuan to organise the second-time resettlement for 2,033 people. The work is now basically completed. According to the new national policy in dam resettlement, more efforts will be devoted in supporting dam migrants. Yunnan’s 321,900 people will receive benefits. The threshold will be raised to 600 yuan per capita per year. For the dam migrants moved before 30 June 2006, they will receive an additional 20 years of support. Original Chinese version.

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