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Foreign Aid and Bad Government

(January 30, 2009) As Barack Obama’s presidency takes shape, many analysts are calling for a new approach to foreign aid. Iqbal Z. Quadir wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal calling on the Obama administration to stop pouring billions of dollars into state bureaucracies and instead, promote bottom-up entrepreneurship. This, he argues, would be far more effective in alleviating poverty and supporting democracies in the developing world than traditional forms of foreign aid.

Aid Keeps Latin America Poor

(April 6, 2009) The Wall Street Journal‘s Mary Anastasia O’Grady pokes at Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for jetting to last week’s Inter-American Development Bank annual meeting in order to propose a near tripling of the development bank’s capital.<.

Papua New Guinea and China’s New Empire

(January 3, 2009) In less than a decade, China has spun a web of strategic investments that stretches from Latin America to the former Soviet Union, from the remotest islands of the South Pacific to the huge oil fields of Angola and Sudan. In a range of resource-rich countries, China is diligently cultivating its interests. The Globe and Mail’s Geoffrey York

Letter to ADB urging investigation into Samut Prakarn Wastewater Management Project

(December 1, 2000) I am writing to urge you, as the ADB Executive Director for Canada, to immediately suspend loan disbursements to the Samut Prakarn astewater Management Project in Thailand and launch an inspection panel investigation into the violation of ADB policies, the contravention of Thai law, and allegations of corruption in connection with the project.