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G8 : Some give, plenty of take

(July 16, 2009) The media has presented the G8’s L’Alqila summit promise of US$20 billion for food security and agricultural development in Africa as good news, but a closer look at the figures shows that G8 countries actually take much more out than they put into the continent, writes Yash Tandon.

Liberia comes clean-er

(August 7, 2008) Liberia has risen from the bottom ranks of the World Bank’s most corrupt country list to earn the distinction of graft’s most zero-tolerant post-conflict nation, reports Africa’s opinion journal, The Analyst. A recent report by the Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators Institute (WGI) indicates that at the current rate, Liberia has shown the largest improvement of any country in the world in controlling corruption.

Book paints sad picture of corruption

(July 4, 2008) A new book on the extent of corruption in Kenya says it has permeated all sectors of the society, including the church. The Monster Called Corruption identifies some of the most affected areas as the public service, the councils, the private sector, non-governmental and religious organisations and trade unions.

AIDS for India

(March 19, 2008) World Bank and the government of India launch face-saving investigation after defective HIV/AIDS test kits, purchased with bank funds, are supplied by the Indian government to hospitals and blood banks across the country.