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China gets back to nukes

Driven by the need for clean energy in its war on pollution and further accelerated by worldwide global warming fears, China is set to resume plans for a nuclear renaissance that has many sounding an alarm over safety concerns.

Zeng Jinyan: Salt panic highlights a crisis of confidence in China

(April 12, 2011) In this first in a series, Voices From China, Chinese blogger Zeng Jinyan writes that the panicked response of Chinese citizens to the Japanese nuclear crisis betrays a fundamental distrust of the Chinese Government and official media.

China’s reaction to the Japanese nuclear crisis

(March 28, 2011) While the world focuses on the nuclear crisis in Japan, China is contemplating a rapid expansion of its nuclear energy capacity. China currently has 13 operating nuclear reactors, 27 under construction, 50 planned, and 100 more proposed. By 2020, the country’s nuclear capacity is expected to increase ten-fold. The Chinese government reacted to the crisis in Japan by announcing a moratorium on nuclear project approvals, pending a review of their nuclear safety plans.