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China’s hydropower capacity up 50 percent by 2015: report

(August 26, 2010) According to AFP, a top Chinese official says the country’s hydropower plans are about to shift into overdrive.

The expensive Three Gorges flood control project

(August 19, 2010) As the Chinese people fret these days about our unusual weather, and about floods in the north and south, and in the Yangtze valley in particular, a Web posting attracted widespread attention. Using material from the official media, such as Xinhua and CCTV, and highlighting their headlines in particular, the authors accused the Three Gorges project authority of “boasting.”

Beijing Getting Thirsty

(July 8, 2010) ‘Dashengzhuang, in Xihongmen town in Beijing’s Daxing district, has guards at its entrance and people are only allowed in after showing a pass which includes the holder’s name, sex, ethnic background, hometown, occupation, identity card number and mobile phone number. The village is closed between 11pm and 6am.