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The EU agrees: No representation without taxation

(April 27, 2010) Replacing foreign aid with tax revenues will promote a democratic society where political and economic leaders can be held accountable by their citizens. Not only should there be no taxation without representation, there will be no representation without taxation.

Pakistan needs taxation with representation, not U.S. aid, says Finance Minister

If Pakistan’s government fixed the nation’s broken tax system, it would not be forced to accept foreign aid from Western countries, says the country’s Federal Minister for Finance and Revenues, Shaukat Tareen. His remarks come in the wake of street protests by citizens and heated debates by lawmakers in the country against a $7.5-billion aid package, known as the Kerry-Lugar bill.

African leaders call for the DIY approach

(June 6, 2009) As the economic crisis continues to work its way across the globe, the plight of African countries has been used as a reason for increasing foreign aid to the developing world. But a new tone has taken root amongst lawmakers in Africa, with a number of African leaders saying its time for leaders across the continent to find ways to fix problems without relying so heavily on foreign aid.