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Poverty, AIDS and war: the everyday tsunami

(March 1, 2005) The rapid and massive mobilization of aid for countries affected by the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami disaster stands in stark contrast to the amount of global attention and resources given to crises that are less visible but equally as deadly in Africa, writes Ann-Louise Colgan this week for the US-based Africa Action advocacy group.

Robin O’Hood lives tax free

(November 14, 2003) I have no wish to make an argumentum ad Eminem against Bono, who is due to speak on Third World development at this evening’s coronation of Paul Martin. There is no reason why the lead singer of Irish rock group U2 should not, at least in theory, present viable ideas on the topic. We should have no more a priori skepticism about his analysis than about the expectation that, say, Milton Friedman might be a dab hand with a Stratocaster. If anybody were to attack Bono, it should be on the basis of his ideas. So here goes. But first a few personal details.