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Mozambique typifies aid dilemma

(June 1, 2010) Questions about the effectiveness of aid have given rise to a lively debate. Conventional wisdom holds that it is still essential if Africa is to have any chance of reducing poverty. But some development economists dissent from this view, arguing that aid fosters dependency, encourages corruption and undermines the ability of Africans to manage their own economies.

‘Quiet corruption’?: The World Bank on Africa

(April 15, 2010) The ‘Africa Development Indicators 2010’ report on ‘quiet corruption’ is one more example of the World Bank’s distractive politics. Distractive because it seeks, wittingly or unwittingly, to sidetrack issues that are fundamental to understanding the continuing poverty and underdevelopment of Africa. Distractive also because it seeks, probably consciously and purposely, to exonerate the World Bank from its own role in perpetuating Africa’s mal-development.

Moyo: international aid to Africa spurs corruption

(April 2, 2010) Billions of dollars in international financial aid do more harm than good on the African continent, economist and best-selling author Dambisa Moyo said in a lecture to students on Thursday. In the lecture, held in Filene Auditorium, Moyo argued that continued financial aid to African nations allows political leaders to ignore their responsibilities to the population in favor of appeals to potential donors.

Foreign aid and Salvadoran corruption

(March 7, 2010) In the midst of the financial turmoil that rocked the international capital markets last year, the World Bank proudly announced a new $250 million "assistance package" for this country. A few months later a scandal erupted over why a similar amount of money was never accounted for on the government’s books.