Tag: Corruption

Letter to ADB urging investigation into Samut Prakarn Wastewater Management Project

(December 1, 2000) I am writing to urge you, as the ADB Executive Director for Canada, to immediately suspend loan disbursements to the Samut Prakarn astewater Management Project in Thailand and launch an inspection panel investigation into the violation of ADB policies, the contravention of Thai law, and allegations of corruption in connection with the project.

Jakarta Declaration for reform of Official Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agencies

(June 13, 2000) Over 50 representatives of Indonesian and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social movements convened in Jakarta and South Sumatra 1-7 May, 2000 for a strategy meeting on official export credit and investment insurance agencies (ECAs). They agreed on the following Declaration, endorsed by 347 NGOs from 45 countries.

Flying in the face of the WTO

(May 26, 2000) Before anybody gloats too much about Canada’s recent "victory" over Brazil in the matter of aircraft subsidies, it might be wise to reflect that little has changed for the main victims of the Liberals’ reflexive urge to meddle in trade and industry — us.