China: Pictures of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project

Journalist Sharron Lovell’s gallery of striking images portray the losing end of China’s massive water transfer scheme to alleviate some by taking from others.


Last Harvest

Imagine waking up one day to be told your home and way of life is to be upended for the construction of a massive state water project?

China’s remarkable coffee

Green Beanery, our coffee business and the social enterprise arm of Probe International, introduced coffee from China to our inventory last month. Supplied by the Xinzhai Coffee Co-op, this close-range look provides a fascinating snapshot of the growers behind our Yunnan Coffee selection – China’s first crop of farming entrepreneurs.

The end of China’s rise

China is staring economic stagnation in the face and the ruling Chinese Communist Party is panicking. The segment of society the CCP fears most – its younger people with their Internet capability and changing political and cultural outlook – represent a critical demographic the Party finds itself increasingly beholden to. Foreign Affairs reports.