Category: Dams and Landslides

Three Gorges Probe

(January 31, 2001) China Online reports that due to the highly sensitive nature of reporting environmentally damaging accidents, the General Administration of the Environment (GAE) has issued a notice declaring that it alone will make public such accidents and related information.

Three Gorges petition

(March 3, 2000) Urgent appeal that the Three Gorges project should be operated at the initial retained water level of 156 metres in line with the National People’s Congress’s resolution in order to evaluate silt deposit and to reduce resettlement pressure

Three Gorges dam finished

(February 28, 2000) After 10 years in the making, the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River has been finished. That’s almost ten months ahead of schedule. The last cubic meter of concrete was poured into the 185 meter-high main wall on Sunday afternoon. Our reporter Guo Liying was there… All across the nation, people’s heart and soul stays with these workers as they started here almost ten years ago to erect the world’s highest dam.