Category: Dai Qing and Three Gorges

American firms appeal to Ex-Im bank to bankroll their exports to controversial Three Gorges dam

(November 29, 1995) American corporations have asked the United States Export-Import Bank to subsidize their exports to the controversial Three Gorges dam in China and Ex-Im has asked environmental and human rights groups for financial, technical and environmental information to help it decide whether or not to do so.

Probe International publishes Yantgze! Yangtze! by Dai Qing, China’s foremost female journalist

(March 21, 1994) Because of Probe International’s work to stop the Three Gorges dam, Dai Qing, China’s foremost female journalist, asked us to publish the English-language version of Yangtze! Yangtze!, a remarkable book that rallied public opposition to what threatens to become the world’s largest and most harmful dam, and led to her 10-month imprisonment.