Category: Probe Alerts

Probe Alert February 2000

In the last remaining tropical rainforest of Colombia’s Caribean coast, te Embera Katio indigenous people are fighting for their survival and for compensation for the destruction of their rainforest. The Urra dam, built in part with financing from Canada’s Export Development Corporation, is the cause of their woes.

Probe Alert March 1998

A leaked report by the World Bank Inspection Panel has revealed that the bank committed a “serious violations of its policies and procedures” in approving its most recent loan to India’s National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) for the massive and controversial thermal power and coal mining projects in the Singrauli area of India.

Probe Alert October 1997

For more than a quarter of a century, Canadian mining giant Placer Dome has mined copper on Marinduque Island in the Philippines through its 40%-owned subsidaiary, the Marcopper Mining Corporation. Marcopper’s operations have brought environmental harm and hardship to many Marinduque communities, a legacy that culminated last year in a major environmental disaster.