Category: Odious Debts

Letter to World Bank President from Indonesian Activists

(February 18, 2000) JAKARTA (JP): We feel we have met you, know you and dream the same things as you and many of us have faith in you. We have waited for your coming. We have sent letters to you but the response has been that you are too busy. We have wanted to meet you to discuss our problems and explain what you can do for us, but we are confronted by a wall. Every minute of your time has been organized for you and there is no space left for us.

The impact of debt burden on women

(Febraury 2, 2000) The early 1980’s financial crisis faced by many countries in the
South had unpayable debt service as the immediate cause that was
precipitated by the tight money policies in the rich countries that
drastically hiked international interest rates. The debt debate ignores
the fact that debts were contracted as a result of borrowing by
undemocratic governments that were not mandated by the people.