Category: Iraq’s Odious Debts

Make Baghdad pay

(November 6, 2003) The New York Times posted an amendment to an opinion editorial published on Nov. 4 by Mark Medish, who wrote Iraq should repay its foreign debts and negotiate "an orderly, market-friendly debt repayment schedule based on financial analysis; and encourage creative solutions, including debt swaps." What the article didn’t disclose at the time of publication was that Mr. Medish, an international lawyer and former Treasury official, represents corporations that are owed money by Iraq.

Indebted to Saddam

(October 27, 2003) "[The doctrine of ‘odious debt’] has two attractions. It relieves Iraqis from debt burdens undertaken by a hideous tyrant for hideous purposes, and it puts future creditors to other hideous tyrants on notice that such debts might go unpaid.