Category: Legal Scholars Advance the Principle of Odious Debts

The impact of debt burden on women

(Febraury 2, 2000) The early 1980’s financial crisis faced by many countries in the
South had unpayable debt service as the immediate cause that was
precipitated by the tight money policies in the rich countries that
drastically hiked international interest rates. The debt debate ignores
the fact that debts were contracted as a result of borrowing by
undemocratic governments that were not mandated by the people.

When big dams spell disaster: assessing the Lesotho Highlands Water Project

(December 1, 1997) The Lesotho Highlands Water Project has its origins in the apartheid era. Lesotho Highlands communities are supporting the project, despite the destruction it has caused to their homes and arable land. South African environmental organisations, however, oppose it for various reasons. Steve Rothert explains why this project challenges traditional perspectives about large dams and development.