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At Goliath’s feet: the Lesotho corruption and bribery trials

(March 15, 2004) Barrister Fiona Darroch provides an overview of the landmark Lesotho Highlands Water Project corruption trials and addresses some of the wider implications for the international community.

Bean counting in Baghdad: Debt, reparations, reconstruction, and resources

(June 2, 2003) Robert Looney, professor of National Security Affairs, and Associate Chairman of Instruction, Department of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, examines Iraq’s fiscal challenges and possible financial strategies. "Establishing the right of a country such as Iraq to write off odious debt would have potentially huge benefits, not the least by discouraging banks from lending to similar tyrants that might one day be overthrown," argues Mr. Looney. He says, "using the odious debt doctrine.

Iraq’s Odious Debts

(May 15, 2003) There’s a silver lining to the war in Iraq, it is this: The arms merchants who supplied Saddam Hussein’s military machine will not berepaid. The foreign financiers who financed Saddam Hussein’s undemocratic regime will not be repaid.