Category: Mekong Utility Watch

Damn the Dams

(August 9, 2009) Bhutan, India, Nepal & Pakistan are commissioning, contracting, planning hundred of dams along the Himalayans. Time is ticking out for the world community who are conscious about the negative consequences of a dam.

Tipaimukh Dam- will be another man made Disaster

(July 11, 2009) Proposed Tipaimukh Dam by India- will be another man made Disaster in the Himalayan & bay of Bengal region. Time is ticking out. We- a tiny Farmers’ Research Institute working at the very local level wish to start a campaign against and find alternative for India to the proposed dam "Tipaimukh" – which is being constructed by India for generating Hydropower only.

Dams across the Mekong could trigger a “water war”

(June 25, 2009) For now, the lower stretches of the Mekong River remain a symbol of peace and tranquillity in a region that was once bloodied by war. But for how long? That question is gaining attention following fears expressed by environmentalists that plans to build 11 large hydropower dams on the mainstream of Southeast Asia’s largest waterway could trigger a “water war.”