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More money, more problems: The World Bank’s way

(September 25, 2009) In the wake of recent financial crisis, the World Bank called on the developed world to drastically increase lending to developing nations. Robert Zoellick and company say that countries in Africa and other parts of the developing world need this money to combat rising levels of poverty and an economic collapse.

More odious debts for the Democratic Republic of Congo if the World Bank gets its way

World Bank President Robert Zoellick is urging the Democratic Republic of Congo to pursue better governance as a way to entice more companies to build dams in the country. In his sights are the rehabilitation of the notoriously dysfunctional Inga 1 and 2 dams. But it’s projects like these that will create more odious debts for the country’s citizens.

Obama’s plan to override Congressional conditions for US funding of World Bank is overwhelmingly rejected by lawmakers

(July 17, 2009) President Obama recently received a harsh lesson from Congress after he decided to openly ignore some of the environmental, labour and transparency regulations attached to funds allocated for the  World Bank and IMF. Worse still for the President, the indictment came from both sides of the aisle—with 429-2 voting to negate the recent signing statement.

Why Are We Still Poor?

(July 6, 2009) Look at the woman in the photograph on the left and her surrounding carefully. Does she look like someone who has been given help by aid agencies like United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Oxfam, Action Aid, Christian Aid, World Vision, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and JICA?

Foreign Aid and Bad Government

(January 30, 2009) As Barack Obama’s presidency takes shape, many analysts are calling for a new approach to foreign aid. Iqbal Z. Quadir wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal calling on the Obama administration to stop pouring billions of dollars into state bureaucracies and instead, promote bottom-up entrepreneurship. This, he argues, would be far more effective in alleviating poverty and supporting democracies in the developing world than traditional forms of foreign aid.

Dambisa Moyo: fact vs. fabrication

(June 25, 2009) Dambisa Moyo’s solutions to ineffectual foreign aid have been sneered at, misrepresented, distorted, and attacked outright. Probe International takes it as a sign that Dead Aid has hit the central nervous system of the foreign aid industry.  Consequently it can be difficult to separate what Moyo really said from what has been put forth as her words by others in an attempt to vilify her position. Here, Probe International attempts to set the record straight with a side-by-side comparison of what Moyo actually said versus what her critics claim she said.