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Do-good Bank can’t please all

(February 11, 1998) WASHINGTON — When the president of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn, visited Indonesia earlier this month, he expected to offer $600 million in loans to help fight poverty there.


World Bank ‘could be partly to blame’ but information may have been withheld

(April 22, 1997) The World Bank is partly to blame for the plight of villagers affected by the Pak Moon dam, a bank expert said yesterday. Resettlement specialist Warren Wicklin III said the bank may have failed to obtain full information on the project when it was proposed to the bank for financing which is one reason why affected villagers did not receive adequate compensation. "It’s possible the Thai government withheld information that could have had a negative impact on our decision-making but it’s also our fault that we didn’t try to obtain correct and enough information either," he said.