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Cyanide devastated Guyana’s main waterway, thanks to a project supported by your tax dollars

(August 21, 1995) The disaster in Guyana began in the early morning hours of Saturday August 19: at a Canadian-owned gold mine, a red, poisonous sludge erupted through a breach in an earthen dam which was holding back a waste pond.

Your tax dollars are financing the forced relocating of 1.3 million Chinese

(March 21, 1995) Last November, while leading his Team Canada mission in China, Prime Minister Jean Chretien shocked Canadians by announcing Canadian government support for the mammoth Three Gorges dam project on the Yangtze River, and his intention to use tax dollars to help finance this controversial project.

Subsidies to Canadian corporations are fueling the Third World’s debt and destroying its environment

(March 21, 1990) It contributes to the Third World’s debt and to the destruction of the Third World’s environment. It provides handouts to Canadian corporations, and administers a muti-billion dollar federal government pot called the “Canada Account,” which provides still more handouts and contributes to our own deficit. It acts so irresponsibly that Kenneth Dye, Canada’s Auditor General, rebuked it for misleading the public by failing to follow “generally accepted accounting principles.”