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Letter from Pierre Pettigrew, responding to Probe International’s Patricia Adams

(September 7, 2000) “The Canadian government is of the view that any continuing [Urra] issues should be settled in accordance with Columbia’s laws and justice mechanisms” writes Mr. Pettigrew.


PRESS RELEASE: EDC preempts court decisions, finances second Biobio dam in Chile

(August 28, 2000) Canada’s Export Development Corp. is financing Chile’s largest and most controversial hydro dam, even though the Chilean courts have yet to decide whether or not the dam on southern Chile’s Biobío river is legal.

EDC’s role in telecom exports

(August 1, 2000) For an ECA with probably the most commercial reputation in the business, the Export Development Corporation is remarkably unfazed by the changes occurring amongst its peers. The last twelve months, however, have demonstrated the advantage that the ability to act as an arranger has in supporting domestic exporters.

Flying in the face of the WTO

(May 26, 2000) Before anybody gloats too much about Canada’s recent "victory" over Brazil in the matter of aircraft subsidies, it might be wise to reflect that little has changed for the main victims of the Liberals’ reflexive urge to meddle in trade and industry — us.