Category: South-North Water Diversion Project

No-salt solution for China’s water shortages

(September 9, 2010) Specialists say a ton of desalinated water currently costs between 5 and 7 yuan in China, without including the costs of fixed investments, while water from the South-North project may end up costing more than 10 yuan per ton, writes Luo Jieqi in Caixin Online.

Not what you bargained for: China’s massive water scheme delivering polluted goods

(July 12, 2010) While Chinese officials continue to forge ahead with an expensive scheme to move water from the Yangtze river in the south of the country to water-starved cities in the north, fears concerning its cleanliness are surfacing once again. According to a recent report, authorities are concerned over the poor water quality in the eastern leg of the South North Water Diversion project.

Danjiangkou Reservoir: A tale of two watersheds

(June 16, 2010) In the ultimate photo-op this week, Danjiangkou Mayor Zeng Wenhua, with press in tow, ladled a cup of water out of his city’s reservoir and drank it "without hesitation" to demonstrate its purity. The Danjiangkou Reservoir—on the Hanjiang River, a branch of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River—is slated to provide Beijing with water by 2014, once the central channel of the South-North Water Diversion scheme is completed.