Category: Beijing Water

MSNBC: As US debates, China acts with a building boom

(December 19, 2010) Gravel-laden barges glide past the willow-fringed banks of the Grand Canal, plying a trade route built 2,500 years ago to bring grain from China’s fertile south to its rulers in the north.

Probe International Exclusive: Forced resettlements at Danjiangkou dam turn ugly as massive water diversion for Beijing gets underway

(December 9, 2010) Probe International researcher and a Chinese social scientist, Yang Chongqing interviews migrants from the Danjiangkou dam reservoir in Hubei Province and finds many of the problems that plagued earlier resettlement programs are being repeated.

China Officials Push Water Plan

(November 9, 2010) Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Probe International’s Executive Director Patricia Adams calls recent plans to pump raw sea water thousands of miles from the coast to the deserts of Xinjiang uneconomic and impractical—and one that only a government undisciplined by markets and public oversight would ever contemplate, let alone implement.