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Dai Qing

Probe International Fellow, activist and journalist Dai Qing has been speaking out against the Three Gorges Dam since the 1980s. She published Yangtze! Yangtze! in 1989, a book of essays highlighting the concerns about the environmental and social effects of the dam, followed by The River Dragon has Come in 1998. Though Dai Qing faces constant harassment by Chinese authorities and is forbidden to publish in China, she has chosen to remain in Beijing where she continues to fight for freedom of the press, government accountability, and an open debate over the Three Gorges dam. She has been honoured with Fellowships from Harvard, Columbia, and the Australian National University, with the International PEN Award for Freedom, and the Goldman Environmental Prize.

Who wants this dam anyway?

(September 18, 2002) ‘No matter how severely the Yangtze River is damaged, and no matter how miserable local people’s lives become as a result, these high-level backers of the dam will be quite unscathed,’ says celebrated environmental journalist Dai Qing.

Probe International publishes Yantgze! Yangtze! by Dai Qing, China’s foremost female journalist

(March 21, 1994) Because of Probe International’s work to stop the Three Gorges dam, Dai Qing, China’s foremost female journalist, asked us to publish the English-language version of Yangtze! Yangtze!, a remarkable book that rallied public opposition to what threatens to become the world’s largest and most harmful dam, and led to her 10-month imprisonment.