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Tremors in China’s road to recovery

(June 11, 2008) While earthquake damage sustained by the country’s dams may pose serious threats, many are turning to the dams themselves for explanations. Probe International Fellow Dai Qing says: “We must look carefully at the questions: How do dams impact earthquakes? How do earthquakes impact dams?”

China counts cost of Three Gorges Dam

(October 19, 2007) China’s official news agency Xinhua reported last month that disaster could strike the Three Gorges dam region unless key problems — including landslides and bank erosion — are solved. Probe International’s executive director, Patricia Adams, and International Fellow, Dai Qing, assess the change in government rhetoric after years of assurances the dam is environmentally benign.

Chinese admit that Three Gorges dam is an ecological disaster

(September 27, 2007) Probe International Fellow Dai Qing told The Times “We have never stopped talking about the problems but our voice was too weak. The system does not listen to the voices of civic activists or dissidents. But now, at last, they are starting to hear. … The Government knows it has made a mistake. Now they are afraid that the environmental catastrophe that they cannot prevent will spark civil unrest. So they want to go public before the troubles start.