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Chapter 22

(May 31, 1994) INTERNATIONAL OPPOSITION TO THE THREE GORGES PROJECT: An Account of an Interview with Tian Fang and Lin Fatang by Zhang Shengyou

The Three Gorges dam will be the largest hydro-electric project the world has ever seen. As soon as the project was announced publicly, there was an enormous response from overseas.

Planning for Disaster: China’s Three Gorges Dam

(September 19, 1993) ON THE NIGHT OF AUGUST 27, 1993, a dam burst high in a remote western province of China, sending torrents of water crashing down on nearby villages, killing more than 200 people, and rendering thousands more homeless. Though no official reason has been given for this latest human-made disaster in a country plagued by them, one government spokesperson admitted that a destructive earthquake which hit the region of the Gouhou dam in 1990 "may have had some effect" in causing the dam to collapse under this year’s flood waters.