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Western Companies Sell Their Souls for the Massive Chinese Market

(February 20, 2006) Even with the full weight of the Communist regime behind it, the censorship effort would have been futile without equipment and know-how supplied by Western vendors like Cisco Systems Inc., SunMicrosystems Inc. and Nortel Networks Corp. And with the world’s three dominant Internet companies – Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft – in a blind rush for a piece of China’s spectacular wealth, Beijing has found all the willing accomplices it needs to strip the Internet of its anonymity, its freedom, and to turn it into yet another tool of repression.

Minister flays Canadian firm

(September 1, 2005) Aryadan Mohammed, the electricity minister for the small southwest Indian state of Kerala, claims Canada-based engineering and construction firm, SNC-Lavalin, has cheated the people of Kerala of Rs98m, which it had offered for setting up a cancer center in Malabar as part of a Rs3.47bn power contract approved by Kerala’s previous government.

SNC barred from bidding

(June 22, 2004) In a case kept quiet until now, Canada’s biggest engineering firm, SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., has emerged as the first major Western firm known to have been punished for fraud by one of the giant international agencies that finance development in poor countries.