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Dai Qing: People’s power

(October 14, 2010) Dai Qing, one of China’s foremost writers, recently wrote in Radio Free Asia about a dinner held in honour of Xie Chaoping, the author of “The Great Relocation” who was detained in August at his Beijing home on charges of “illegal activities” and held until September 17 in a Shaanxi Province jail.

Dai Qing

Probe International Fellow, activist, and journalist Dai Qing has been speaking out against the Three Gorges Dam since the 1980s. She published Yangtze! Yangtze! in 1989, a book of essays highlighting the […]

Chinese dissident Dai Qing arrives for Frankfurt Book Fair symposium though Chinese government threatens to walk out

(September 12, 2009) The controversy surrounding this weekend’s symposium honouring China’s literature in the run-up to the Frankfurt Book Fair in October has escalated, with two Chinese dissident writers saying they plan to attend the event. Both Dai Qing and Bei Ling, whose invitations to the symposium were retracted by organizers after threats from the Chinese government, have now arrived in Frankfurt.

Three Gorges Madness: An Interview with Dai Qing

(December 24, 1997) THE DAUGHTER OF A REVOLUTIONARY MARTYR, a former missile technician and one-time intelligence agent, Dai Qing is China’s foremost investigative reporter. Dai Qing first criticized China’s Three Gorges dam project in the Chinese daily press, and compiled and edited Yangtze!, Yangtze!, a collection of essays by prominent Chinese intellectuals opposed to the dam, in 1989.

June 4 incident, Dai Qing and the Three Gorges dam project

(June 30, 2009) This article by Chinese engineer Dr. Wang Weiluo marks this year’s 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen “Incident” by linking the events of that fateful day to the Three Gorges dam project. Dr. Wang provides insights, never heard before, into the behind-the-scenes political machinations and the power brokering over Three Gorges dam in the aftermath of Tiananmen.