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Expert who refused to sign off on Three Gorges

(January 9, 2004) Journalist Dai Qing interviews Guo Laixi, an eminent geographer who took part in the Chinese feasibility study for the Three Gorges dam but became so alarmed about the project’s potential impacts that he refused to sign the study team’s final report.

Who wants this dam anyway?

(September 18, 2002) ‘No matter how severely the Yangtze River is damaged, and no matter how miserable local people’s lives become as a result, these high-level backers of the dam will be quite unscathed,’ says celebrated environmental journalist Dai Qing.

Poor are sold down the river

(December 7, 2000) This article is by longtime Probe colleague and U.S. engineering consultant Phil Williams, a contributor to three Probe International books — Damming the Three Gorges: What Dam Builders Don’t Want You to Know (1990), Yangtze!Yangtze! by Dai Qing (1994), and The River Dragon Has Come (1998, co-editor) — and founder of the Berkeley-based International Rivers Network.

Dissident at large

(September 15, 2000) Excerpt from a profile of Dai Qing: … Having been through so much already, where does Dai Qing find the strength to carry on? Dai credits her family and friends at home and abroad, especially her supporters at Toronto-based Probe International, who have had a profound influence on her life, she says.