Export Development Canada Project List

Export Development Canada (EDC) Financial Services – Corporate Social Responsibility Requirements.


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EDC — Your Financial Partner

March 2008

Extractive Projects supported by EDC. continue reading »

EDC Exposed! Probe International’s Inventory of EDC-Supported Projects

Probe International

Export Development Canada (EDC) has a long record of financing environmentally damaging and economically unsound projects. Many EDC projects have also contributed to the violation of human rights and are plagued by corruption. continue reading »

Stop EDC not free speech

Patricia Adams

Under a new law, just saying “EDC” or “Export Development Corporation” could be illegal. continue reading »

Bill C-31 passes third reading in Senate

Debates of the Senate

Senator Setlakwe comments at third reading of Bill C-31. Bill C-31 is read third time and passed. continue reading »

Senate debate continues

Debates of the Senate

Hon. Senators Tkachuk and Angus join in the third-reading debate on Bill C-31. Senator Angus points out several flaws, especially the lack of transparency and accountability which the proposed law accords to the Export Development Corporation. continue reading »

Senator Oliver’s motion in amendment negatived

Debates of the Senate

Senators vote on motion to amend BillC-31 clause 9. continue reading »

Hon. Senator Oliver moves an amendment to Bill C-31

Debates of the Senate

Export Development Act – Third Reading in the Senate Bill to Amend introduced Motion in Amendment – Vote Deferred until December 4, 2001 continue reading »

Minority observations on Bill C-31

Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce

Certain members of the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce have concerns with some clauses of Bill C-31, which are as follows: continue reading »

Statement by Ms. Adams on Bill C-31 to the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce

Patricia Adams

Bill C-31 will allow EDC to write the rules, establish the criteria, define the terms, assess itself, and then decide whether or not it is justified in supporting a project that will destroy the environment. continue reading »

Rights and Democracy & West Coast Environmental Law Association present briefs to SCFAIT

SCFAIT Minutes of Procedings

SCFAIT hears presentations from Warren Allmand, President, Rights and Democracy and Linda Nowlan, Executive Director, West Coast Environmental Law Association as the committee continues to review Bill C-31. continue reading »

EDC Secrecy Threatens Canadian Democracy

Patricia Adams

Probe International’s report on EDC’s draft disclosure policy. continue reading »

Submission to the Export Development Act Review

Patricia Adams

Export Development Corporation Is Unnecessary, Costly, Unaccountable. Misleads the Canadian Public Is an Environmental Wrecker. Patronage Agency Should Be Shut Down. continue reading »