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Probe International is an independent environmental advocacy group that fights to stop ill-conceived aid, trade projects, and foreign investments. More importantly, we work to give citizens the tools they need to stop these projects – the rule of law, democratic processes, and honest, transparent accounting.

Probe International goes where few others tread: we resurrected the doctrine of odious debts to challenge the enforceability of today’s Third World debts; we argue that markets can work to improve people’s living standards and protect their environment when they are decentralized, competitive and governed by the rule of law; we maintain that state-to-state aid has undermined political accountability and promoted a culture of corruption in both the donor and receiving nation; we have warned for the past decade that carbon credit schemes will threaten Third World environments; and we think the best way to protect the environment is to entrench and enforce the individual and collective property rights of citizens.

Our convictions come from years of working with citizens groups around the world, whether from the remote highlands of Cambodia, the river valleys of China, the forests of the Amazon, the savannas of Africa, or the streets of Baghdad. We are inspired by the courage of these people who do not ask for handouts, but for the right to defend their resources and chart their own economies.

How do we make our case? With the power of the pen and the mouse. We dig into the history books and the law tomes; we interview the experts; we tackle the technical arguments from both the independents and the propagandists; we listen to the people and we give voice to the voiceless by bypassing the censors. There is no greater guarantee of justice than the free flow of information. Our goal is to inform and to empower and we do so by publishing groundbreaking books, writing articles for the mainstream media and our online news services.

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Probe International

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Patricia Adams
Executive Director
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