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World Bank caution to Tanzania criticised

These comments by Tanzanian economics professor Humphrey Moshi serve as quite an indictment of the wayward World Bank. When China — no stranger to poor practices itself — is your “saviour” from bad World Bank policies … The Daily News reports.

‘Quiet corruption’?: The World Bank on Africa

(April 15, 2010) The ‘Africa Development Indicators 2010’ report on ‘quiet corruption’ is one more example of the World Bank’s distractive politics. Distractive because it seeks, wittingly or unwittingly, to sidetrack issues that are fundamental to understanding the continuing poverty and underdevelopment of Africa. Distractive also because it seeks, probably consciously and purposely, to exonerate the World Bank from its own role in perpetuating Africa’s mal-development.

World Bank, go away, says India

(January 7, 2010) India’s Union Ministry of Environment and Forests has decided not to accept aid from the World Bank for its tiger conservation programme. Why do we need the help of the Bank, which has ripped apart our natural resources by supporting projects for dams and mining at the cost of conservation,” asked P. K. Sen, conservationist and former director of Project Tiger.