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International lawyers, judges call on Beijing to release detained rights lawyer Xie Yang

“Lawyers in China like Xie Yang are indispensable in ensuring human rights protection and upholding the rule of law in China” reads a statement issued by the International Commission of Jurists calling on Beijing to release Xie, who has reported torture during his incarceration.

Trouble on the Yangtze

(December 19, 2012) A central government plan to dramatically increase China’s reliance on non-fossil fuels will derive two-thirds of that target from hydropower – “an increase on par with adding nearly one Three Gorges Dam a year,” reports Jane Qiu for Science magazine. In her article on over-development of the country’s river pulse, the once mighty Yangtze, Qiu looks at the threat China’s damming fever poses to river habitats and species, the calamity potential of dam construction in quake-prone regions and mounting criticism of China’s biased environmental impact assessment process.

Yangtze at risk of bank collapses

Flood-control inspectors have discovered hidden dangers along the Yangtze River, raising concerns at a time when State metrological authorities have warned of the possibility of major floods hitting this summer.

During a recent inspection organized by the office of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, inspectors found that the banks along some sections of the Jingjiang River, a section of the Yangtze River, could be at risk of collapse, the People’s Daily reported yesterday.