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Repeal the Act and privatize this Canadian SOE

In its submission to Ottawa’s 2018 Legislative Review of the Export Development Act, Probe International calls for a repeal of the Act and the privatization of Export Development Canada (EDC). Probe argues the federal government’s export-financing agency shares many of the same characteristics as China’s controversial state-owned enterprises (SOEs), characteristics that ensure market distortion and stunt private development.

This is a race to the bottom! Export Development Corporation ‘will do anything’

(March 21, 2000) For 50 years the federal Crown export credit agency, the Export Development Corporation, has financed and insured the world’s most environmentally damaging and economically reckless projects, from the Three Gorges dam on China’s Yangtze River to the gold mines in South America and the former Soviet Union that spill cyanide into major waterways.