Three Gorges Probe

China pledges to build more hydropower by 2015

(April 13, 2011) According to official Chinese media, China will be begin construction of hydro projects totaling 120 megawatts within the next five years.

China Global Times
April 11, 2011

China will put more hydropower into use over the next five years, in an effort to transform the country’s energy consumption model, according to the Bureau of Energy under the National Development and Reform Commission.

By the end of 2015, China will have begun work on projects providing an extra 120 megawatts in hydropower capacity.

Liu Qi, deputy director of the bureau, said that hydropower still faces problems, including low efficiency and finding suitable sites for projects.

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  1. China is embarking on Hydrocolonialism building hydro over its borders in Laos and Myanmar where Chinese companies behave with contempt for local environments and the rights and culture of the people. For that Chian is increasingly hated, particularly by the poor who have nothing invested in sycophantic behaviour.

    In many cases this power is not needed as ant hydro scheme no matter how small or short lived is very profitable .. think subcontracts and licensing. I also suspect many represent some form of money laundering or speculation effort by large companies like SinoHyrdro which I gather is owned at least in part by the current Chinese President, which opens him to chrages of conflict of interest.

    So if he is going to take up full blown capitalism why not take up full blown democracy.. Or does he want his pork bun and noddles too?

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